L1b Rejected by VO without giving any slip.

L1b Rejected by VO without giving any slip. But the status in CEAC says Administrative Processing. What does this mean? is it safe to assume that the visa is refused and the status will be updated in a few days or they are still considering the visa? Kindly advise.

Did they keep the passport or return it to you? Did the VO said that visa cannot be issued, or something like we will be touch blah blah?

HI, Thanks for your reply. The VO returned the passports to me. He said that he cannot approve the visa and I need to check with my HR to file under different visa. But my question is: Why is the CEAC website showing the status as Administrative Processing. It should say Rejected or Refused. Also, when I login to my profile in ustraveldocs, it says that my passport is still with US Embassy/Consulate. What does this mean? Technical Glitch or They are still considering? Please advise.

Probably a technical glitch. It may correct itself sooner or later.

Based upon the response from VO, it looks like the job isn’t qualified for L-1 and he is suggesting to go for H-1 route.

Hi, I had reached out to the chennai consulate via ustraveldocs email. I got a response that my visa is not clearly approvable and is refused under 221(g) hence the status on the CEAC website shows administrative processing. What does this mean actually?

I still think it has been denied and the consulate is no longer processing the case. This is b/c the officer told you that you are in wrong category and employer should try a different one.

The online status may be an anomaly.


Same thing happened to me, please tell me that whether your Visa status got changed in CEAC or not.