L1B-L1A conversion rejection,Can I stay in US till current I 94 expiry date

My L1B has already expired, I am in US on I 94 valid till Dec 2013, L1B-L1A conversion being filed, in case of rejection, can I stay in US till current I 94 expiry date i.e Dec 2013, or I need to leave immediately

Yes, you can continue to stay and work until your current I-94 expiration date. It is ok for the visa stamp in the passport to have expired meanwhile.

Well, my L1B visa stamp already expired in 2011 and I have been working in US, but now since my L1B-L1A conversion is being filed, in case the conversion gets rejected, Can I still stay till current I 94 expiry date?

Yes, you can still stay and work until I-94 expiration date in case of L-1B -> L-1A rejection. It doesn’t impact your existing I-94.


I appreciate if you could share what happened to your case. I am on the same boat. Please ref:

Thanks in advance.