l1b in rfe status h1b approved .... urgent help required..!!!

my i94 extension for l1b got RFE(employer A)…on sep 1st 2012…which we are yet to respond, due date to respond is nov 15th 2012…

i94 has expired on july 2012…we applied for extension before expiry…

mean while my employer B applied for h1b in june 2012… which got APPROVED on OCT 12TH 2012…

  1. what will be my status of stay now…?

1…am i being out of status…?

2… till when can i work for my emplyer A?

3…what should be my plan of action…?

Your L1 will no longer be valid . You need to join employer B with H1 ASAP.

BTW when did you get the approval ( at what time), mine was in RFE review state since last 10 days .

Thanks for the reply

1)) what is best action about L1B RFE, in future will there be a question about my L1B RFE not beeing responded.

2)Even though if I dont have valid visa as of now(extension got RFE) , am I good to join Employer B and continue to stay in USA.