L1B-H1B-Visa Approval limit

Hello Team,

I have Stayed in USA for 4 years 5 months on L1-B visa, Currently my company has applied for L1-H1 transfer from india.

i moved out of USA on december 28th 2014. if luckily my visa gets selected in Lottery and gets approved.

and if i travel in December 2015 to USA. my questions is whether i can stay for complete 6 years in USA or

rest 1 year 7 months (L1+H1). Please clarify .


If you stay out of USA for 365+ days, you can stay again for 6 years.

You can use your Full H1 term (total 6years on H1 status)

Hi, Did you get full 6 years? my situation is same. My L1B got maxout and came back to india in August2015. I want to apply for H1 in coming cap. Can I get full six years on H1?