L1B Green card processing steps

Hello Experts/Saurabh,

I am currently under L1B on first 3 years term and my company says that they can file Green Card

What are the options to file GC for L1B holders?

Thanks to clarify.

What do you mean by options? If you are on L-1B, then your green card process needs to go through all the hoops. If you are on L-1A, then you don’t need PERM filing and are eligible for EB-1 category.

My L1B expires by May 2017 and assume that my company goes through under EB2.I am aware that we can apply L1B extension for 2 years for the period of maximum 5 years.

  1. Can we stay beyond 5 years on L1B in case of 140 approved?
  2. Does I140 approval will help to get L1 extension for 2 years after 3 years completion?
  1. No. L-1 cannot be extended beyond 5 years even if green card is under process
  2. Same as (1)

If you want to stay beyond 5th year, then have your H-1 filed.