L1B for 2.5Yrs-New H1B after 1yr outside US. Will I get full 6yrs in H1B?


Here is my case,

I Stayed in US from May 2009 - Jan 2011 and from June 2011 - Mar 2012 in L1B ( Total 2.5 Years )

My L1B Expired on Dec 2011, My employer filed H1B on June 2012.


The petition has been approved for Oct 2012 - Sep 2015.

I am waiting to go for stamping now and if it goes through fine, I am planning to enter US after Mar 2013

My question is, 

Since I exited us on Mar 2012, If I enter US after Mar 2013, Will I get full 6 years in the new H1B or will I get only 3.5 years ( L1B+H1B ) ?

Please note that on Mar 2013 I would've spent 1 year outside US before entering with new H1B ( But my H1B was filled within 1 year after I exited US )

Will I be able to extend the H1B (when it is due for extension ) for another 3 years.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks in advance,

Yes one year gap resets your clock irrespctive of your H pettition being filled within those 12 months which you stayed out of US.