L1b Extn and H1B new application denied. Can I reapply for L1 again?

Hi All,

I am a PM with a US based IT company (more than 10,000 employees). My L1B extension was denied in Jan 2013 after RFE - reason provided was that I my credentials did not qualify for an L1B visa. I had applied for a fresh H1B which just got denied last week after RFE- reaosn provided was that my role did not qualify for a specialized role. I have a valid I-94 till Dec 2015 but I have to leave in Nov 2013 due to eprsonal reasons.

At this point, is it advisable to apply for a new L1 visa? Can i apply for a L1-A visa (i got promoted to a manager while i was in US).

Should I appeal the H1B denial? What is the average processing time on denial?

You can go for L-1A if you qualify for the same. Your attorney should look at your profile to determine if it has chances of approval or not.

As for H-1 denial, your employer can file MTR within 30 days of decision. It can take few weeks to several months to process.