L1B extension - Go to india and return on the extended L1B

Hi -

  1. If i extend my L1B from here, can i go back to India and come back using that extended L1B.

  2. If i had to go for stamping in India when I go back . Will i have any advantages of the extended L1B from here, else the process is same as applying for an new L1B Visa.

3.If i go when my L1 extension is in process. Will still the processing go on or will be cancelled.

4.Can i upgrade my L1 extension to premium at anytime i want during processing or should premium should only be applied at the time of applying the L1 extension.

Thank you for your answers.


  1. L-1 extension from inside US means extending the I-94 as 797 usually has indefinite validity. What’s the validity of your 797? Once you leave US, this I-94 will be closed and a new one will be issued on your return.

  2. You will have to go for stamping as long as your current L-1 visa stamp has expired. This holds true even if the L-1 was extended inside US. Also, L-1 extension doesn’t guarantee successful visa stamping.

  3. As it’s I-94 extension, it will be abandoned.

  4. I think it can be applied in PP, but you can confirm w/ your attorney.