L1B extension denied... what are the options now for me??

I had got L1B Visa for 3 years in April-2010, and started working in US from same month. My Visa got expired in April-2013 and I-94 got expired in Sep-2013. My company had filed for my Visa extension in Sep-2013, few days before I-94 expiry.

I got denial notice 2 days back.

Now I have stayed in US for almost 4 years on L1B Visa - so what are the options for me??

  1. Should I reapply for L1B Visa?? Will I get another 5 years window, or only for remaining 1 year??

  2. If I apply for L1A - For how many years of Visa, will I get??

  3. How Soon should I apply for any Visa, as I was denied L1B extension recently??