L1B Extension- advice for positive result.


Can you please advice, how i can get my extension approved(what steps i should follow in order to get success).

Also i would like to know success percentage.



For L-1 extension, most of RFEs and denial are related to non-qualification of the job for the L-1 visa.

Are you working on a skill/technology/skill-set/application that is proprietary of employer and not known commonly outside the employer? Or are you working on something like Java, manual testing etc?

i am working on tools proprietary to my employer, please help me how to present them most effectively?

That’s good. Your employer should submit what your job duties will be on L-1 and highlight use of those tools which are not commonly known outside the employer.

Talk to employer/attorney if other L-1s were filed recently by them and what their end result was.