L1B Expired but have I94 Can my Spouse come to USA as my dependent?

Hi All,

Please advice on my situation:

Currently I am working in USA on L1B Visa which expired in April 25,2013 but I have I94 valid till 15 Sep 2015.My Question is:

Can my spouse come to USA as my dependent when I have just I94? If yes then what are the possible options?


Does the spouse need to appear for L-2 visa stamping or is it already stamped?

The spouse can enter US on stamped L-2 visa irrespective of your L-1 visa expiration. Send the other documents to the spouse including company employment letter, copies of passport, visa, I-94, I-129 and 797.

Thanks Saurabh. Please confirm below if I understand right:

Right now my spouse is in India and he did not apply for L-2 visa.So now even if I do’t have valid L1B visa but based on my I-94 status he can go ahead for L2 Visa.


Yes, send a copy of I-94 along w/ other employment related documents. You can also check w/ your L-1 attorney.