L1B Blanket Visa Interview

Attended L1B Blanket Visa Interview in Chennai on 6th Jan.

I was allowed to enter around 45 mins before my appointment time. At the front, they have a board that says which time slot they are allowing now.

When I entered they asked to arrange 2 sets of my I129+I797, DS160, and My Passport.
He took everything and put a rubber band around it and gave it back to me. I did not bring DD. I paid by card (BTW I also had cash with me just in case the card did not work. Also make sure you have enabled international transactions on your card else it won’t go through). I also saw one ATM inside which I think you can use to withdraw cash.

After that, I was directly asked to go inside.
After a while, my turn came and the visa officer asked me for my documents. He returned my copy of the MRV receipt (which they attach to your DS-160 after paying the Fraud detection fee) and then scanned my passport.

He directly asked me if I am going to work for Nutanix. To which, I answered yes.
He asked about the Job location.
He asked about my salary.
Asked my highest education → I said Bachelor of Technology and he asked In? to which I replied Computer Science and Engineering.
He asked how long I have been working with Nutanix and then asked me my total experience.

At last, he asked me what is my specialization to which I started replying but in middle, he started replying to someone else inside so I got confused and stopped talking. (Maybe I should have kept talking here.)
He looked at me since I stopped and then asked me to repeat myself.
I replied in 2-3 sentences about my specialization.

He typed something for 20-30 seconds on his computer and said my Visa is approved and returned me one set of stamped I129s.

Hope this helps.

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What should be probable answer if they ask the question:

Have you been doing similar work in the India Office?