L1B and H1b both active

I have L1B visa from my current employer A. I have processed my self H1b through some consultancy,recently I went for H1b stamping and got validity till 2018 Sep. They did not cancel my existing L1B visa from current employer, which is also still active till 2018 Feb.

My question is, if my current employer A asked me to travel to US on L1B, does there any risk of cancelling my H1b visa during that process ?

Please provide response.

Some technical jargon - H-1B is always processed by the employer and not you. There is no self H-1B

Now coming to your question. As you have both visa stamps in your passport, you can use either w/o impacting the other. Just ensure to show the correct visa stamp when entering US.

Thanks for reply. Yes I mean the same, H1 is processed through another employer.I heard somewhere at one point of time only one status can be active either L1 or H1. So After going to US on L1B, if I would like to work for my H1 employer, what is process to be followed ?

Status becomes active after you enter US. So you will be on L-1 status once you enter on L-1. To move to H-1, you need to file COS from L-1 to H-1, or enter on stamped H-1 visa.