L1B 5 yrs comp H4 b4 365d outside US & thn to H1B 365d - H1B Duration?

I completed 5 years of L1B on March 31st, 2013.

I then decided to spend 1year/365 days outside the US so that I can apply for a fresh H1-B and get 3 years of work visa.

Now my question is :

Can I apply for an H4 visa now (Jan 2014) i.e. before completion of the 365 days, but travel to US in April on H4 (after 365 days) and apply for a 3 years H1 B in April 2014.

NO I think… U must be outside US for an year for the Clock to Reset… Refer below


Thanks much RaNa!

I referred to the link you provided. I believe that my H1 application would still be after 365 days but are you suggesting that even my H4 application should begin after 365 days?


I feel U must be out of US for an year to work on H1… Not sure though