L1b 221g and no update

My L1b Specialized Visa was not approved for a renewal in March 2018 appointment @Chennai India. I was given a form 221g with check box ticked : Your Blanket L-1 Application is not clearly approvable under section 8 CFR 214.2(I) (ii)(B)©(D) and INA 101 (a)(15)(L) along with 2 copies of I-129s stamped as “NOT CLEARLY APPROVABLE” .

  1. Since March 2018 has been more than 5 months now and I have not received any response on the case inspite of multiple follow ups with USCIS and my company Legal Team. My legal team is mentioned a clause of 90 days wait period which I am not sure is right or not and now for sure it is more than that and there is still no lead in the case.

  2. My company is looking for me to be present in US at earliest and can we file again under L1B Blanket or L1B Individual ?

  3. Can I continue to receive my US salary in India till the VISA issue is sorted out and what could be the possible implications?

Thanks you in advance for your response and suggestions.

  1. Follow what the company says

  2. Yes

  3. No.