L1A Visa & H1B Together


I have a valid H1B visa till yr of 2017 (first 3 yrs period). Now, can my employer file another L1A visa for me? If its approved, can I have both visa together from the same company? What is the processing timeline for L1A visa? After getting L1A visa, how soon the employer can start my Green Card process?

Please suggest with the details.

When appearing for L-1A visa stamping two things can happen - they can approve L-1A visa stamp and not touch your H-1B visa stamp; or they cancel your H-1B visa stamp while approving L-1A. Even if H-1B visa stamp is canceled, you can have a cap-exempt H-1 filed in later without going through the cap.

The green card process can be started whenever your employer is ready to do so. Some employers wait for 6-12 months. You should check w/ your employer.