L1A to H1B in 7th Year

Sorry if I am posting the duplicate question.I couldn’t find a straight answer to my question.
I am on L1A Visa with approved I140 in EB2 category (Due to company policy they stopped doing EB1 for now) I am completing 6 year in Nov 2022. Unfortunately my name was not picked up in the H1B lottery this year.Wondering if it is allowed to apply for H1B lottery in 7th Year(with approved I140 in EB2 category) and if it gets picked up , can I try to convert current L1A to H1B on 7th year.(My 7th years on L1A is expiring in November 2023).

Thanks in Advance.

There is no limit on applying for H1B so the answer is yes.

Thanks Kalpesh for your response. I read it in some places that conversion from L1A to H1B is possible only within 6 years of L1A.Since EB2 I140+L1A doesn’t give us the option for unlimited extension, I need to anyhow convert it to H1B but was confused on applying and getting the conversion of L1A to H1B on 7th year with approved EB2 I140.Please note I am already in US.