L1A to H1B conversion after 6.5 years in US on L visa


I’m in US since 2009 on L visa. My I140 for EB2 was approved in Aug 2015. My 7 year maxout date is 07-OCT-2016. This year my employer filed for H1B which is picked in lottery. Now my question is -

  1. What is the chance of approval since my 6 year on H1B already completed in Sep-2015. Does AC21 rule support conversion of L1A to H1B after 6 years as well?

  2. If above option is not valid then what are my other options. Note. My employer cannot file EB1.

Appreciate your help.


Iam in the similar state with L1 A maxing out by March 2017 and have an EB3 I140 approved copy. Can a consultant file for H1B during 2017.

Was your petition approved?