L1A to H1B Change of status and transfer


I am currently working on L1-A visa for an employer A. Last year I have applied for H1B with employer B and got the approval. Till now I haven’t used it and it is valid till August 2018. Now I have got an offer with employer C.

Can Employer C do change of status and H1B transfer at a time?

Please help me…



Yes, you can do that. I assume B’s petition was approved w/ consular processing.

C can file cap-exempt petition for and include the option of COS in the same.

Thank you… L1B is an stamped one and I-94 is valid till july 2017. Thanks Mallik

Actually what I asked (and made assumption) was that B’s petition was approved w/ no I-94 attached. Is that correct?

You mean H1-B petetion. Yes H1B petetion is not used.

Sorry I got you… Yes B’s petetion was approved with consular processing.

Cool. Then my initial response still holds valid.