L1A to H1 COS (IT job codes) possible having MBA & BBA finance degree ?


I joined an IT MNC in India after finishing my MBA and BBA in finance mejor. I worked in this company for 3.9 years on techno-functioanal managerial role and got L1A done and came to US in 2009.

My company has approved to file GC for me this year (haven’t filed i-140 yet) however since there are lots of rejections in L1 visa extension , they are planning to file H1 this years as COS from L1A. Here I am playing multiple roles of manager, functioanal Lead, Technical Migrations/upgrades/analysis etc.

My questions is that am I eligble for H1 under any of the Computer Technolgy occupations given that I do not have computer scince degree like MCA/BTech?

Also , my current salary is not that high that could qualify for a managerial occupational codes as there avg salary is 100K+ and I am well below it.

The employer will have to file LCA as part of the H-1 process where DOL will confirm the minimum salary for the role in your area. Whatever it comes out to be (>100K

Many thanks to you, Saurabh.