L1A to GC conversion on EB2


I am on the last year of my L1B visa and my company has offered to sponsor my L1B to L1A conversion. I also learnt about the route from L1A to GC in the EB1 category. But unfortunately because i have been here for a few years I dont meet all the requirements for GC on EB1 such as “You must have been employed outside the United States in the 3 years preceding the petition for at least 1 year by a firm or corporation and you must be seeking to enter the United States to continue service to that firm or organization”. Can anyone please suggest if GC on EB2 is equally good? If so, could you also suggest the wait time. Thanks in advance.


What country were you born in? India EB-2 is pretty backlogged. It could take another 7-10 years as they are currently processing 2008 petitions.

Hi Saurabh,

Thank you for your reply. Yes i am from India. I think filing for my GC on H1b will be better, because i can renew it indefinitely.

Also would you know of any alternate paths that i can choose?


Being on H-1B is better as you can get extensions beyond the 6th year. Move to L-1A only if you are eligible for EB-1.

I am on a l1a visa and my company is not sponsoring my green card on eb1 category. Can I apply for a eb2 category green card with l1a visa? Is there a harm in applying for h1 visa while holding l1a visa so that I can apply for eb2 green card?
Also I have heard that immigration act 2019 will introduce new delays in family and employment based green card ? Is this information true?