L1A I94 Extension by visting Canada/Mexico


			My L1A visa is expiring in Apr’14 and I94 Expiring in Oct'14 due to Passport expiry. Now I got renewed passport. But my employer is reluctant to file I94 extension. My doubts are following -
			1) Is there any chance to get a new I94 validity if I travel to Canada/Mexico for couple of days and come back before April'14?
			2) If ans to the 1st point is Yes, then, is the probability of getting extension differ according to mode (Air/land) and port of entry to US?
			3) Anything special that needs to be taken care during the process of pt1.
			4) also is there any chance that they reduce my current I94 date to allign it with Visa expiry date in April?
			fyi.. I have electronic I94.
			Would be really grateful for any thought, advice or similar personal experience.