L1A from employer X and H1B from employer Y and want to go back to L1A


My L1A Visa and petition with current employer expires  on 29 August 2012. I have I-94 till 20 Sep 2014.

Now I have applied for H1B by another employer . But now I do NOT want to shift to other employer on H1B. 

Can I request my current employer to file extension of  my current L1A petition. Can my extension for L1A be filled or it can filled only when 6months is left on I-94.   


I do not have any choice but shift to new H1B employer.


Pl help

Guys any help here

You can just stick to your current employer maintain your status on L1A. H1B status will not start unless you join the employer who filed your H1B.

The current employer can file for L1A extension right away.

I understand there change of status starting date when your h1 is filed. So it can be 1 Oct or any other date . Mostly desi consultant file for 1 oct. So my visa status will change from L1 to H1 . Any thoughts on this.