L1A for employee in partnership

I work for a NY based LLP law firm in London. I have been offered the chance to move the New York. In the past, my firm has only applied for L1B visas but I would like to move on the L1A visa. I have only worked for 2 years at my firm and earn approximately $200,000 per year. How can I justify my L1A visa? I understand that the visa officer will be interested in whether I have hire and fire power, reporters, etc. In an LLP, no individual has hire and fire power. It is determined by partnership agreement. Also, I do not have constant reportees. I supervise employees but they are fluid and change depending on the deal that I am working on.

I was born in India, so it is important for me for move on the L1A so that at least have a chance to apply in the EB1 category for my green card.

Well, USCIS is pretty stringent on the L1A as it is being abused by many to get faster GC. So, all in all, they really look closely for their requirements that have outlined in the general requirements either executive capacity or managerial capacity. Check L1A Requirements. I understand, it is important, hence I would suggest you work a qualified attorney and sort it out as it is tricky thing.