L1A extention options when occupation changes

Dear Experts,

I arrived into the USA approx 3 years ago with L1A, into a Program Manager role, with 1 direct report. After 1.5 years I got a new assignment in an Ops Mgr role with 10+ direct reports. Due to company restructuring, I got the news that they eliminate my current position on May 15th. I was successfully applied into an internal position for a senior Program Manager role, which doesn’t have any direct report (otherwise it is a very important global program for the company).
At this moment the offer is contingent on what HR finds out, how they can extend my visa.
I would like you to ask to validate the options I have, and add anything else you might think of to solve this situation:
1., New organization asks old organization to file for extension (as manager title is there with direct reports)
2., New organization adds 1 direct report to the position and files the extension itself
3., New organization files for L1B instead of L1A if that is possible at all

For scenario 3, I am not sure if I could flip to L1B and later if company would be open for EB1C, could I flip back to L1A without a problem, if I had a direct report?

Is there any other scenario?

Last question, what is the realistic timeline for extending an L1A and L2 dependent visas? It is end of April and PED date is valid until early July.

Thanks a lot for your response.
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Well, if your position is an important one, you can request your attorney to demonstrate that in the application as in Executive Capacity or in Managerial Capacity managing a function in organization without people . You can read the USCIS definition..

Any organizational changes done to meet just visa requirements may or may not work in long run. Discuss with your immigration attorney on the best options to use your experience and current position to stick to L1A.

I am not sure, how your L1A was filed, you should report any changes to USCIS before you start your new position with new duties and changes.

Thank you Kumar!

This is really helpful.
It was a blanket petition - type of filing, if this is what you are asking.
I don’t know the rest as the company keeps contact with the attorney and I am not involved into the process.
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