L1A extension due and travel plan outside US for business


I am currently on L1A visa, my initial one year term is due for renewal on 16th July, i have a business travel (job related) plan to go London from 12th June to 27th June, and my employer confirmed to file the L1A extension after return from London trip, pls. help me to understand whether will it be a problem at immigration while returning back as only 20 days left while entry into USA on Visa for current petition end date.There is no change of status in my case and also I am travelling on business, pls. let me know if you have any similar experiences earlier.Thanks

You should be fine as L-1A would still be valid on the date of return. If asked, you can let PoE officer know that employer plans to file extension soon after you enter US and they delayed it b/c of your UK trip.