L1A extension denied, I94 valid till Oct 2013


Good Morning. I came on L1B Visa and given I94 till Oct, 2013. My L1B Visa expired in Feb 2012. Applied extn for L1A in Nov 2012 and RFE and finally got denied yesterday.

My questions:

Will my I94 still be valid and can I stay and work legally till Oct, 2013?

My family went to India for vacation and applied L2 visas based on I94 and they have got visas, can they travel if my I94 is still valid?

What are the other options for me if I94 is valid, i.e. applying for new visa or extn etc.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, your current I-94 is not impacted by L-1A denial. Yes, they can travel to US using their new visas.

You need to either file for L-1B extension or go for the stamping for the same.

Hi Saurabh, Thanks for your information. My family have travelled and no issues. Today my CSM/Director for my assignment asked an option of applying for GC based on my I94 which is valid till 23td, Oct 2013. My Logistics Team says “we do not have time for the GC”. What is the time required to file GC? What does that mean? Please suggest. Thank you.