L1 VISA Interview scheduled

Hello Folks,

I got appointment for my L1 Consular Interview on 25th Oct 2021. I have below queries. Guidance would be appreciated

  1. My VAC is at 10 AM and Consular Interview at 2 PM. What’s the typical time required for VAC? I checked the locations they are 10 min away in Chennai. Would there be any concern if both VAC and Consular are on same date. Hope it would not overlap.
  2. I do not have NIE. Are there any of you who have got approvals without NIE in these days? I have been hearing about it esp. for few weeks now
  3. Any tips on Q/A for current situation esp. without NIE.
  4. What is the overall sentiment of US Consulates on approving VISAs now?



Hello, can anyone help?

VAC should be quick. Generally it may take 30 mins to an hour in & out.

You should consider carrying NIE letter if you work in any of the 16 related sectors.

There was a recent ruling against the no visa policy due to PP10199.

Also starting November, US will allow entry of fully vaccinated travellers from the travel ban country however its not clear whether PP10199 will be withdrawn and Consulates will start issuing visas without NIE.

As far as you have required documents and VO do not want to put you in AP, you should be good.

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Thank you Kalpesh, I see that my case doesnt fit in any of the NIE 16 related sectors. Is it still recommended to get a letter? Or there is a risk of getting NIE which doesnt fit into the eligibility crieria?

If you think you are not eligible for NIE then no point attaching the letter.

Hi Gaurav, How did you get the normal visa appointment? I have ben trying to secure one but not able to get one. Any tips on when to check slots and what is the best way to secure visa appointment?


Yes its difficult to get appointments. I will say its luck. My Attorney had told me to keep checking at least once a day, even at late hours of India time like 1-2 AM. I tried that too, but this one I got one evening after almost trying everyday for 1.5 months!! I would say, keep trying atleast once or twice a day, randomly.

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Finally, i got appointment for Mumbai on 1st February. Thank you for the guidance and help. One more question I have, some forums say that we need MRV receipt at the time of interview. I paid via NEFT and it didn’t generate any receipt but once the payment was confirmed, it was automatically updated in the account. Any idea where can I download this receipt?

You don’t need to print the payment receipt. The payment information is required only to make a visa appointment. The system automatically uses it and then allows you to choose a visa appointment date (if available).

You only need print outs of DS-160 confirmation page and visa appointment letter besides other supporting information for your visa.

The MRV receipts are on page 2 of appointment confirmation page, on page 2, along with bar codes. Check that once. That should be enough.

Thank you. One more question, is I 129 required for visa interview? What are the documents required for L1 Visa interview?

Yes you need to carry that. Your company and Attorney will help you out for all these documents.
Here is the indicative list:

Appointment confirmation letter
Your current passport and most recently expired passport
Print out of the DS-160 confirmation page
Supporting documents for your application, as applicable.Refer link :
Documents and photographs for any children under age 14
I-129S - 3 sets of the first 8 pages
I-797 - 3 sets of the first page
Demand Draft - With name and passport number written on the back of the demand draft
DS - 160 of the principal applicant
Passport of the principal applicant