L1 visa in RFE to F1 visa transfer

Hi I am currently in USA on L1 visa which is going to expire after 2 months.

After 2 months I am going to apply for extension of L1 which will take 3-4 months for the decision so that I can earn another 2-3 months.

Suppose after applying my L1 extension I will get the RFE,can I apply F1 visa after RFE and switch to F1 visa ,so that I don’t have to leave this country.

@Saurabh pls answer if you read this

F-1 COS can be applied as long as your I-94 has not expired. Once your I-94 expires, COS cannot be applied. If you want to study, then you will have to appear for F-1 visa stamping and then return to US.

Thanks for info…can we apply for F1 from L2 just one or two weeks before I-94 expiration date???

It can be applied as long as it is received by USCIS before I-94 expiration date.

But my L2 visa is dependent on L1 visa, which already expired on may and applied for extension and got RFE but my I94 is valid through dec2013. In this case, can apply for COS from L2 to F1 before I94 expiration??

Rajpirangi, you took over someone else question thread and have posted half information in it. An answer can only be as complete as the question and no where have you mentioned about spouse’s L-1 expiration.

May I suggest starting a brand new question and post all information there. This is making it confusing.

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