L1 visa extension expirience Mumbai(Dropbox+221g+Interview)

I got my I797-A for L1 extension in USA and in few days I had to go to India.

I was eligible for dropbox so I submitted my and family’s documents at Ahmedabad location for Mumbai-VAC. Below is my timeline.

3rd Feb : Submitted passports and documents at Ahmedabad VFS centre. Security arrangement and queue managenet at Ahmedabad VFS is very good.

18th Feb : Status on ceac website changes to “Application Received”

28th Feb : Status on ceac website changes to “Refused”

2nd Mar. : Received passport back with 221g slip which asked to appear for interview “anyday from 10:30 to 11 AM”. 221g was only for primary Applicant.

6th Mar. : Interview. Asked basic questions and visa was “Approved”. status on ceac website changes to “Approved”

8th Mar. : status on ceac website changes to “Issued”

10th Mar. : Received passport at Ahmedabad VFS centre. (For Primary Applicant L1)

10th Mar. : Submitted wife and daughter passoprt with submission slip.

13th Mar. : ceac shows “Application under Admin processing” (For L2 visa)

14th Mar. : ceac shows “Approved”

15th Mar. : ceac shows “Issued”

Few Tips :

You can change DS160 number after booking appoinment. call customer care or mannualy update on usatraveldocs profile section.

Note that , passport status tracking is using usatraveldocs wesite while Application tracking is using ceac website.

My application took more than one month to complete. Have patiance and plan return trip accordingly.

For 221G interview , basic questions (What is salary, who is employer ? ho is end client? what is your position ?) were asked. Did not ask any other documents.