L1 Valid and H1 approved with consular processing


My L1 is valid unitl Feb 2017 and also my H1 got approved with consular processing (through same company). Is there a set time frame to change to H1 ? Can I travel with my L1 and convert to H1 when my L1 is about to expire ?


You can move to H-1 anytime during the H-1 petition validity period. You have 2 options:

  1. Travel outside of US, get H-1 visa stamp and return to US on that stamped H-1 visa

  2. File COS petition for change from L-1 to H-1.

Thanks Saurav, I appreciate. My next trip is too short to schedule an appointment at consulate, is it ok if I return on L1?.

If you want to return and work on L-1, then yes you can do that. Your H-1 will remain dormant until you enter on stamped H-1 visa or get COS to H-1 approved.

Thanks for the quick response Saurabh.