L1 to H4 + EAD conversion

Hi All,
I am on L1 Visa and its getting max out in Nov 2023, hence planning to move to H4 EAD as my spouse has H1 I140 approved.
If I apply for H4 EAD and if my H4 EAD gets approved in Aug 2023 before L1 max out date(Nov 2023).
My question is , can I still continue on my L1 visa till max out dt(Nov 2023) and then plan to move to H4 EAD after my max out date ? Please advise … Thank you

No. Once you apply for change of status from L1 to H4, your L1 status will be lost the date H4 is approved. If your H4 EAD is also approved along with your H4, you can switch to H4 EAD and continue working otherwise you need to stop working once your H4 is approved and resume once your EAD is approved.
If your spouse H1B renewal date is near, it is better to apply for change of status from L1 to H4 and H4 EAD with H1B extension of status using premium processing so all three can be approved in 15 days.

Thank you for ur response , Can we apply for change of status from L1 to H4 and H4 EAD with H1B Amendment also ? Please advise.

Yes, you can apply with amendment too.

Thank you
Just on 01/26 we have applied for amendment, if there a way where we can cancel current amendment and apply again Amendment with H4 and EAD. please advise

Can we append the current amendment and file H4 + EAD, need advise please.

Talk to your immigration lawyer to explore the options.