L1 to H1Conversion - or L1 Extension

Hi Friends/Sourabh,

i am currently on L1 with Company A working in India. My initial L1 was from aug 2008 to Aug 2011. i extended my L1 in 2011 and now it is valid till Aug 15, 2013. i am planning to move to usa by June, so that i can extend my L1 or convert to H1. But i am not sure whether L1 to H1 B quota would be available by the time when i travel to USA by June 30. Since i note that last year H1 B quota cap count reach by June12. could someone tell me whether Would i get my L1 extended further or my employer can file L1 to H1 B conversion by June end or July first week. please share your thoughts.

i really appreciate your comments or thoughts.