L1 to H1b transfer for someone who had h1b in the past


It is little complex scenario  and someone who have experienced similar situation may help.

I got h1b stamped in Nov 2012 but could not travel . It was sponsered by a company different than my current employer. Now my current employer is ready to sponsor L1 for me.

An year or two later, If I change job in US and move from L1 to H1b. Will I get any advantage in terms of quicker transfer because I had an h1b?

Thanks in advance for the help,

Yes you will have an advantage. Once you are here on L1 and you decide to switch to H1, you won’t be counted against the cap again so you would not need to wait till 1st April to file your change of status plus once it is approved you an start working, you won’t need to wait till october 1 to start working.

Thanks a lot Ankit. It answers my question.

How long that process of re-invoking h1b would take (once i am in US on L1).?

It is the same process as filing a new H1. 2-6 months in regular processing 15 days in premium.

Thanks a lot Ankit!