L1 to H1B from two employers in 2014 cap


I am on L1B valid till Nov 2013 with employer A. 
Same Employer A filed my H1B on Apr 2, 2013
Meanwhile Employer B also filed my H1B on Apr 3, 2013

Now, I don't want to join Employer B even after my approval. So, I am confused Can i continue working with Employer A with new H1 or current L1

1) In case H1 from Employer B will get approve and H1 from Employer B will get reject
1) In case H1 will get approve from both the employers - Employer A and Employer B

Please help. I am not interested in H1B from employerB at all. It just got filed because I was not sure that my Employer A will file my H1 or not.
Because of any ABC reason I don't want to loose my H1 from employer A
  1. If your petition with Employer A is approved, you will be automatically pushed to H1B effective Oct 1, 2013 with COS. (Change of Status)

  2. If you get both the petitions approved, select which one you want.

  3. If your petition from employer A is rejected but B is approved, you can still opt not to use that one and ask Employer A to do a H1B transfer.

  4. If both are not approved, you can go for L1 extenstion or go back to your home country.

Please read post and vote: http://redbus2us.com/qa/9659/please-vote-for-this-petition