L1 to H1b COS - how to change my status to L1

Presntly I am on L1 Visa with ABC company. XYZ company sponsored H1B and filled with COS .They recently submitted my RFE response.Is there any grace period to change my status from L1 to H1B . Now I want to stay with my current employer ABC.So what are the possible options? If I will go to India before my H1B approval and re enter with my L1 visa , then what will be my status L1 or H1B? Or I need to go back and re enter after my H1b approval? please suggest.


Here is the information, which says USICS will consider that you abandoned your CoS once you leave the country when it is in process. But you may seek legal advise before you plan anything, to be on the safe side.

thank you so much.So if he goes to India before approval the COS will be abandoned .

If he returns US before approval, the COS will be applicable ?

Once the Cos is abandoned when he leaves the country, that particular application will be remain abandoned forever. When he returns to work for ABC company he will enter on his valid L1 visa for ABC company and fresh i-94 will be generated. In case he changes mind and wants to go on H1B again after he returns, a fresh CoS petition has to be filed.