L1 to H1B COS and waiting for L2 to H1B in COS


My H1B visa is approved from L1 to H1 B in COS on november 15th 2013 and currently my spouse is working on L2 EAD and their company filed L2 to H1B in COS. My employer yet to get papers and can someone clarify my questions

  1. do we need to file h4 visa for my spouse if i regination to current company L1 or is she legal as we have already in process of L2 to H1B status? will there be any issues for my spouse h1B approval if i move h1b immediatly or two weeks from now?

  2. how soon do i need to regination to my employer i am waiting for project and consulatncy is pulling me to regin for current company?