L1 to H1 visa COS, Overlapping payroll help


Iam on L1 Visa in US with Emp A, Emp B filed H1 for me with COS, it did not get approved till Oct 1 and got RFE on oct 13th (Education Eval), Attornet filed response to RFE and my H1 got approved today, I Know its illegal to work with L1 employer any further but now iam in problem, I need to serve 2 weeks notice with employer A, I Asked attorney and he said i cannot work with L1 employer legally however he also advices me that its good industry practice to give 2 weeks notice, chances of getting into problem are very less if i give 2 weeks notice and then join H1 employer. Please suggest.

Also: i can have 2 options:

1: L1 employer to keep rolling my payroll for another 2 weeks and H1 employer to start the payroll after 2 weeks.
2: H1 employer to start payroll immediately and L1 employer also keep rolling payroll for 2 weeks (While in notice)

Which one to go for?

I Know its illegal but does anyone have any past experience with such a situation?

will i have any problem in future in:

1: H1 transfer.
2: H1 Renewal
3: GC



You cannot work for L1 employer at all after COS, which I think you understood. So there is no question of working for employer A for 2 more weeks even if you think of.