L1 to H1 transfer COS. Can i continue X (L1) status after H1 approval?

one of the consulting company(X) have filed H1B in March 2015, my current employer (A) processed by L1 in May 2015. My H1B filing has picked up in May2015.Once my H1B approved, I have to serve 1 month notice with my current employer(A).Questions --1. While applying H1B, it was not mentioned L1 to H1 transfer, Now my application has been picked up for H1. Is it possible now to change the petition as L1 to H1 transfer with CP (consulor processing) and NOT COS (change of status)? Which option (CP or COS) will be better one in my case?2. If the answer to Question 1 is COS, then when shall i get notification regarding the status change? will always H1-B COS approved with start date of 1 or 2 month future date?3. As i need to server one month notice with my current employer(A), can i continue working with my current employer(A) with L1 status after the H1-B approval?