L1 to H1 Transfer,change of status implications in US


I am currently on L1B Visa which is valid till 2013 and as I had a previous H1-B stamped on my passport which I never used, I approached an employer who told me they can process my H1-B as I am not subject to H1 cap, so now I’d like to understand if this employer files of a COS, and my H1-B in normal processing, when do I get to know if the same has been approved, also can I start working for him once he has applied or do I need to wait for any formal communication(s) i.e. approval receipts from USCIS? Please advice.

Also, is there any difference in documentation that is required for premium processing and regular processing besides the additional fee?


Looking at the current situations, my two cents are…

  1. Dont leave your L1 employer until you get H1 transfered to a new employer

  2. It is better to file under premium processing if you need to work with new employer soon, it will be big truma to follow up normal processing