L1 to H1 ..H1 applicable from this oct

I have L1 and returning back to US on L1 , have H1 approved and applicable from 1 Oct . do u see any complication in returning back to US within a week? Also if I want to stay on L1 until I find project for H1 , what is the procedure I need to do to achieve this? I feel I should work on L1 for my comp A till November so how what should I ask my H1 employer to do this?

If you are outside US with L1 and coming to US on L1 and later on planning to use H1, its the safest way to utilize. Once you find a good job, you have file COS to start working on H1. I heard some complication with the approved H1b petition and travelling on L1 some times creates a problem in such a way that before switching to h1b, you have to move out of US and get it stamped to start working depending on your perm status and leftout period of 6yrs stay. Regarding this, i would reommend to talk to H1b company’s attorney.