L1 to H1 from Company A then to Company B before start date Oct13

hi ,

I am presently working on L1 applied for H1 from Comapny A got the approval which will start from Oct 2013 applied for COS. Since Company A is not doing well if Company A me laidoff before Oct 2013 i need to go back to india since i am on L1 my H1 will not be valid. My Question is can i transfer my H1 to other company B if company A me laidoff i still need to go back india but one thing is i have valid H1 from Company B i can go for CP and come back in Oct 2013 is my understanding correct.

Company B can initiate H1B transfer but you need to go back if Company A does a lay off before Oct 1.

You can get it stamped in your home country and return to US on or after Oct 1.