L1 TO H1 COS ** Urgent help pls **

I am currently on L1-B with employer A and I have applied H1-B with employer B and Employer B has applied H1-B with ‘Change of Status’. The Status of my L1B to H1B petition on USCIS website is showing as “Initial review”. I don’t want to join Employer B on approval of H1-B.

1. What if my H1 is approved on sep 10th. I will travel out of USA and come back on Oct 5th .. In this case , can i re-enter on L1B ? If yes , do i need to carry any L1B documents as proof or just valid L1B stamp is fine ? What happens to H1B ( Is it just the COS will abandon ? )


2. What if H1 is still in initial review on spe 10th. I leave USA on sep 10th and on sep 15th L1 to H1B COS is approved. Can i enter on L1B any time ? Is the COS is abandoned in this case ? Do i need to carry any L1B documents ?


3. If H1 is approved on sep 10 and i leave USA on sep 11 and return back USA

on 9/20 on L1B .. What would be my status on OCT 1ST ? what happens to my L1B and H1B


4. Please advise what is best way to be in L1 status even after H1 approval as i dont want to join the H1 employer now.. Thanks