L1 to H1 COS / L1 to F1 & F1 to H1 Possibility

Hi All,

	I am on L-1B Visa and my Visa is going to expire by Sep-2013 but my I-94 is valid till June-2014. My questions are
	1. If I apply for H-1B Premium by next year April-2014, can i stay in U.S with the H-1 receipt till it gets approved.
	2. Can I be able to apply for F-1 Visa after Sep-2013 (after L-1 expiry) say like in the mid of Nov or Dec -2013 with my Valid I-94.
	Any Suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  1. You need to maintain your legal status, even with your I-94 being valid. What it means is that you need to stay in legal L1-B status until your H1B is applied. You cannot use cap gap concept without MS in US. You may need to leave the country and get visa stamped and then enter US after October 1st of 2014 to start working on H 1B.

  2. As mentioned, you need to maintain your legal status on L1B visa. If you have proper status, then you can apply for Change of Status to F1-Visa.