L1 to H1 COS and L2 to H1 COS In progress. L2 Visa Status if L1 is approved and not L2 after Oct 1st

I am on L1 and Spouse on L2. We both have applied for L1 to H1 and L2 to H1 COS petition this year.
Lets say if my L1to H1 COS Petition is approved first, automatically my visa changes to H1 on October 1st.
If in case my spouse L2 to H1 is not approved and is in progress even after October 1st, what will be her visa status? Since primary L1 would have already changed to H1, will there be any issue for Spouse L2 to H1 petition after October 1st?
And from October 1st till the L2 COS is approved/rejected will she be out of status?

As your spouse applied for L2 to H1B, she will be in authorized period of stay., so no issues.

No, refer above.

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