L1 to h1 change of company , but still to work with l1

Company A - has L1 visa valid till July 2014

company B - H1B petition approved with COS  and valid from Oct 1 2013 till 2016


Current status is in Home country(India)  as no work for 3 months with company A 


	Can I get some clarification on the below questions


	1)  i know h1 b approved with COS  by OCT 1st  status change from L1 to H1b ,,

	      Is it legal can i work with Company A. Visa?? , any thing it will known to company A ??


	2). Can I go to US  after  OCT 1 st  ( Nov or Dec) with company A  visa ???

	       (Any issues with Board of entry  ???)


	3)Can I apply L2 visa and travel dependent ??