L1 to H1 approved yesterday no COS new employer ready to offer job

Hi Saurab,

Thanks for your answers for my earlier questions.

Finally I got approval on my H1 yesterday but we have not got COS since this H1 has applied when I am india and h1 processes under consular processing

1.) Currently I am on L1 in US and my company is asking me to go back to india for H1 stamping (L1 and H1 sponser company is same) . Now my question is Can my company apply for COS now without sending back me to india for stamping?

2.) Can I start searching jobs on this new H1 approved petition , and can I use this approved H1 petition to new employer, if he is ready to offer employement on H1 ?

3.) And I have been talking to one employer who is actually ready to offer an employment for me but he have some doubts that can he use my very recently approved h1 petition and he is also asking me that wether it is possible or not since I am still on L1 status. In mean time he told that he will talk to his attorney also

Please do the needul.