L1 to F1 v/s Fresh F1 after completing 50% of the degree

Hello Friends,

I am presently in US on L1B and my visa is valid till June 2020. I recently got admission in Masters graduate program in US and will do my education (evening classes) along with the work but I might not be able to complete my graduation by June 2020 (end of my visa tenure).

I am planning to leave US in June 2020 once my L1B work visa is over and return back to complete my studies on F1 international US student visa.

Do you see any problem in getting F1 visa stamping done from India immediately after L1 visa tenure completion.

Another option I have is to file COS now only from L1 to F1 which might take time 8-10 months looking at the current timelines. Here, I wont be sure on the exact time when I will get the change of status done. So, if it comes immediately, convincing my employer will be challenging as I would need sabbatical to complete my studies.

Please share your view points on what are the best option I have to handle this situation?

Thanks a lot.

I do not see any problem, but there is a possibility of having issues with Visa stamping right, not to discourage or panic you, but you need to be cognizant of the reality as well and take a decision based on all options.

You could consider doing a Change of Status instead to avoid risk of stamping.
You could put in the future date when you submit COS and file ahead of time to avoid the delays. There is place called effective date in part 2 of I-539 form. Also, check with your school DSO and plan it accordingly. You need get the I20 as well, so work with your DSO closely and execute this process, if you plan to do COS.