L1 to F1 COS need advice . Any data of denials

My L1B/I94 is expiring in May 2013. I have got admission in Full time MBA course

  1. When should I apply for COS L1 to F1

  2. What are the chances of denial

  3. When my COS L1 to F1 is in process . can I apply for L1 to H1 COS

  1. Well, it is advisable to apply early, like 3 months before expirty, for COS with start date of May, when your L1 is expiring…

  2. It is hard to predict this. In general, if your documentations is right, you should be granted COS without any issue.

  3. I doubt, if you can apply for two COS in parallel. Your COS is tied to your I-94 and that reflects your status. Having them running in parallel can create confusion. Check with an attorney if you have such situation and need to go for it.

Actually you can file two COS in parallel. The one gets approved later will determine the eventual status. So if F-1 COS gets approved followed w/ H-1 COS, then you will remain on F-1 in b/w and then move to H-1. The H-1 COS will be set to go into effect from Oct 1 (assuming H-1 gets approved prior to Oct 1). So its better to talk to an attorney to know about all possible scenarios for this.