L1\L2 - Visa Extension


Our L1\L2 visa is expiring this August 29th, in order to extend it we did make an appointment with US Embassy in Chennai ( May 10th 2021). but due to prevailing Pandemic, our appointment got cancelled & we were notified by embassy to rebook for next available date.
So we immediately booked another appointment for 2nd of August 2021.

Question - As our validity is expiring this August, we would like to make an emergency request appointment with US Consulate by stating the same reason under medical or health need. Would i be eligible to make emergency appointment stating above reason.

I know we can continue being in L1\L2 status & apply for extension of status with USCIS, but in that case, processing would take time, L2 holder cant work & we also would not have any visa in case of emergency if we have to step out of country.

Just wondering if we can request for emergency appointment with above reason.

Link for making ER Appointment -